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Discovered’s revolutionary platform allows content creators and social media influencers to take their game to the next level. Their focus on creator freedom, compensation, and rights are what solidified our relationship with their team. We are proud to offer a unique opportunity through our relationship with the Discovered platform you can’t get anywhere else.

More pay

Discovered pays more than any other social media platform . You are guaranteed more money with comparable viewership across platforms.

More views

We leverage our resources and industry network to distribute your content further than any other agency can.

Growth benefits

Your financial benefits grow exponentially with us. Apart from getting a larger and larger cut, you also gain access to higher discounts to our agency’s services. 

Start now

Unlike YouTube, your content is IMMEDIATELY monetized. There are no requirements you must meet in order to start making money. Every view you get makes you money.

Our Story

We  help you get
where you want to be.

The platform is an excellent tool for new and upcoming content creators to distribute their content. We take it to the next level by leveraging our partnership with them, we’re able to provide benefits and services no one else can. Apart from getting a discount on our suite of digital marketing and consulting services you can find here, we also help you manage content, analyze performance, and earn more money overall.

  • Influencer and content management
  • Make more money with us than YouTube
  • Immediate monetization
  • Integration with all social media platforms
  • Detailed analytics
  • Access to all our main distribution platforms (SamsungTV, iOS, Android, desktop)
  • Premier access to unreleased products and games through our partners

The Team

Dustin Mack, VP of Gaming

“As fellow gamers and a media company focused on creating a fair-trade monetization ecosystem for emerging and icon gaming content creators, we have a stringent partner evaluation process that we utilize to select compatible partners and the ST4X organization aligns well with our requirements and ideology. We look forward to working with the ST4X Agency in order to scale our platform in order to aid gaming content creators in equitably monetizing their content.” 

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Discovered’s built-in analytics software is a powerful and very useful tool for determining how your audience interacts with your content and allows you to track your performance.

Check out our services

Apart from supporting the platform, we are a full-service consulting and branding firm. As an influencer you are eligible for heavily discounted services.

Climb the ranks

No matter what level you start at, there is always room for growth and

Our Difference

THIS is how we’re making you more money.


Your guaranteed commission (regardless of performance


Avg increase in Discovered traffic


Increase in discount per rank

Our Services

With your discount, these are the services we offer 

Content Management

Making content but running out of bandwidth managing it? We have resources and teams in place to help you stay organized and strategize timing.

Social Media

The social media strategies and services we offer our clients are industry-proven to be highly effective, generate high ROI, and significantly increase your brand’s reach.

Influencer Management

We provide influencers with powerful strategies, pragmatic insights, and crucial network connections otherwise unavailable to them through our deep industry network.


As an influencer, your brand is your business. We are experts at cultivating, building, and future-proofing the brands of influencers in the information age. 

Digital Marketing

As a full-service marketing firm, we provide our clients with highly-effective marketing channels integrated into their overall marketing strategy. 

Biz Dev Consulting

Most influencers lack distinction between hobby and business, they ultimately fail due to poor planning, strategy, and resources. We give you the plans, models, and strategies needed to move forward in the future.

Video Editing

Crucial to any influencer’s platform, though rarely ever executed correctly. Our professional video editors and producers are experts in providing high-quality, on-brand content with a fast turnaround time. 

Website Development

Crucial to creating your OWN platform, a website allows you to own more of your audience and have greater of your revenue through gated content, eCommerce, info proudcts, and more.

Graphic Design

A core element of branding, videos, websites, and overall strategy is executing and providing high-quality, professional graphic design work.

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Featured Content (Coming Soon!)

We are always improving our site. Please excuse our dust, we’ll be better than ever very soon!.

Featured Content (Coming Soon!)

We are always improving our site. Please excuse our dust, we’ll be better than ever very soon!.

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