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Our industry veteran consultantsare ready to help you build your business and how to make technology work for you and your business.


We make you viable.

CTO as a service

Not tech savvy? Our industry veteran tech experts are ready to step in and give you the detail-oriented, practical advice and gameplans you need to move forward as a non-tech founder.

Financial models & projections

Don’t have an experienced CFO? We can create the financial models and projections you’ll need to raise capital and sell product.

DevOps as a service

Need the power of a Valley dev team but don’t have the network? We can provide streamlined, self-sustained teams to power your dev projects.

Business models

Have a business but need to refine or discover your ideal business model? Our consultants optimize and streamline business models to reach your business goals.


Our industry ties and experience has given us invaluable insight into a plethora of softwares, we pass this knowledge along to you.

Business strategy

We do the all the work of market research, financial projections, business model analysis to get you and your business where you want to be.

Pitch decks

Need material to bring on investors, clients, or team members? We can outline, design, and implement fantastic looking decks for any need.

B2B Relations

Leverage our network and get an inside edge on your competition with invaluable industry connections that can make the difference in your business surviving or thriving.

Business Development

With over 20 yeaers of experience building successful startups and turning mediocre businesses into titans of their space, we are fully equipped to take your business off the ground and provide you with the tools and resources you will need to take it even further. 

Technology Consulting

We take you from 0 to 1

Years of industry experience and an incredible network of business partners gives us a unique advantage in the latest industry practices, emerging technologies, and business insight otherwise unaccessible to the average business. 


We take you from 0 to 1

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